About me

Jewellery has been a hobby for me over the past 15 years, but over the last couple of years it has become my passion. And now I am builing my own jewellery brand.

With a proffesions bachelor in Jewellery, Technology and Business, i've taken part in all aspect in building up a brand. From ideation, to production, to branding and sales. This have given me a wide understanding the amout of work and energy it takes to start a business.

The story behind

Jewellery helps us be individual and unique people. They bring people together and create stories.

It is my vision as a jewellery designer to reach out to all women through timeless and classic designs. My focus is that women put their own mark on the jewelleries and through the jewelleries create their own stories and memories. All designs are created with balance between the simple and feminine and the raw and unpolished.


A lot of my inspiration comes from raw elements from nature and unpolished buildings can quickly become the beginning for new designs.

I strive to create something for everyone; so all women can be themselves with my jewelleries. But most of all; I put my heart into each design.

It's been my wish since I started this company to make a difference with my jewellery, and not just for my costumers.


Redefine og Reminisce


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